Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

November 27th, Sunday...Yeah, I attended church this morning and the Pastor talked about how people worship. Oh he cited John, Chapter whatever, verse whatever... He followed with Mark and he made his point. I get it. So I make it home and I'm watching TV, flipping channels, and I come across the mighty Oprah, doing her thing. What is her thing? She is interviewing some guy who wrote a book, and he is explaining his mastery of understanding his character and I'm trying to get what he is saying and then the Big O chimes in: It was her understanding of what he was trying to say that she KNEW! How could she know what he was trying to say when he wrote the book and was trying to explain what he wrote? Was she there every pain staking minute when he clicked on his computer or uncapped his pen?
I wonder, by what authority, is Oprah an authority on anything? Was she in the ministry? Did she write a bible? When she was not Oprah, was she Oprah? At what point, in her life, did Oprah become Omnipotent? If I ever met Oprah, would I have to wash her feet like Martha? (Or was it Mary... Or Gail?) Does Oprah use a teleprompter? If she does, is she reading what She wrote or what some producer wrote? And lastly, should I stop attending church and just watch "OWN" all day long?
Help me LORD!

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