Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

November 13th, Sunday... What's the point of watching 60 Minutes? Don't get me wrong... The 411 is all good. I love watching the "legal" criminals act like they have done nothing wrong (like the Congressmen and women I'm watching right now who trade on stocks based on inside info, that is supposed to be ILLEGAL!!!), get called on it by 60 Minutes reporters, and lie their collective asses off!
What saddens me is that no one black can do this without doing time! I mean, this shit has been going on since "time in memoriam! America was discovered with Indians on the land and a whole reservation (city, town, what???), the discoverers are met at the shore, offered food and shelter and they kill the Indians and steal the land! What the f--k?
Last time I heard, there was a recession going on and all I have seen around where I live is massive construction on roads and housing. Gas prices are through the roof and SUV's are bumping me off the road! Hell, I have (Black) women turning their noses up at me as they pass me in their Mercedes Benz's!
So, I have decided to stop watching 60 Minutes because I am tired of the truth! Keep the lies coming, like the Kardashians!

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