Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 23rd, Wednesday... I'm in a play. I haven't done a play since I was in college, some 100 years ago. I'm vervous as hell because I am working w/ a performing arts middle school, the kids are really sharp; and, I don't want to mess up and be all embarrassed! So I'm working my way through that stuff. But, I have one other problem that is wearing my ass out! The director keeps trying to reduce me to the level of her students! What the hell is that shit all about?
Hey, I'm not trying to be treated like a middle school, unfocused, adolesent teenager. My hormones are not raging. I don't have acne and my parents are not trying to get me to do my chores! I'm a responsible adult. I'm on time. I'm in my place. I have a hard time running in the middle of the circle and yelling out, "I'M A TREE!" "I know my motivation!"
When this deal is over, the director and I are going to have it out! Right now I am boiling just below the surface... tryin' to keep my cool... Hell, I'm older than her! I never asked her "...Get in line w/ the rest of the 13 year olds!" Get in line? What the hell is that? Next thing you know, I'll be ordered to give up my lunch money! (Actually it already happened. I was approached by a 5 year old thug life wannabe gang banger!)If I'm not careful, I'll find myself beinging jumped into a gang and I'll be somebody's bitch! (Maybe the 5 year old's!)

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