Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 22nd, Tuesday... I'm addicted! No, it's not drugs or alcohol... I'm addicted to sports talk radio! Dammit! I can't stop listening to it. Ok, I do have an excuse. It may not be a good one but I have one. For whatever reason, I love hearing the stupid comments from both the hosts and the callers. What amazes me is when a caller states his opinion, if it does not comply w/ what the host believes, the host treats the caller like shit! What's really sad about that whole exchange is the caller will call back the next day to do it all over again! Hey, insult me once, shame on you. Insult me twice, shame on me! Insult me thrice, I'm psychologically unbalanced and need professional help!
I never call. I think I'm right most of the time and I want to argue my point. I also know that once I get started, they will hang up on me and I WILL get pissed! Next thing I know, I'm thinking boycott and protest and million (sports) man march!
I know, it's not that serious but the bigger picture is why are people so compelled to voice an opinion then allow a radio host to be rude to them for simply stating an opinion? Just because they are on the radio does not mean they know more than you. Nor does it mean that you know more than them. It also does not necessarily mean that what's being talked about means anything at all.
Last time I checked, there was (is) more serious shit going on! Can you say Libya?

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