Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 20th. Sunday... Well, I am out of the closet! I am an exposed atheist!/ Actually that's not true. I have separated from a girlfriend, who is a devout Christian. I'm hurt because she is totally committed to her faith and beliefs in the spiritual world, but has (absolutely) no respect for my existence in the secular world. She is a confirmed procrastinator, poser, posturer, bigot/racist, but she steadfastly proclaimes that she is GOD's child! How can you be that and carry so much baggage? (Her baggage is like being packed for a year's trip to Europe but traveling by a Trailways bus! She has prejudice issues!)
Things were going well until she stopped all affection w/ me and decided that she'd rather be affectionate w/ Jesus! Ok, how was I supposed to be able to compete w/ HIM? Now going to church is awkward for me because I am listening to my pastor talk about the man who stole my girl, in favorable terms! He can do no wrong! (Shit, HE stole my woman!)
Hey, if the church is going to condone that kind of behavior from their ("Superstar!"), why should I even go there? And, she's not the only one! Every woman in the church is dating HIM! But to be honest, I didn't see where being a concubine is one of the 7 deadly sins so...

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