Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 17th, Thursday... Damn! I hate sports talk radio! But, like a cracked out junkie, I listen to it religiously. (That's my issue to only be discussed w/ a therapist!) Anyway, yesterday I was listening to some idiot explain why he had a problem w/ President Obama filling out the NC2A bracket(s) for the tournament. Are you f#@king kidding me? He stated the President has more pressing issues to tend to. (I guess President George W. Bush did not have more pressing issues when he dropped his ass in bed every night by 9:30p?) Every president in the history of presidentdum has had some quirk... Some...thing that he did that broke from protocal. I'm sure that if a woman President is ever to come into being, there will be some quirk she will have that will take a minute out of her day. She may want to go shopping w/ the girls or there might be a personal female thing she has to do before reassuring America that she will bring peace to the Middle East during her trip there!/ Matter of fact, I'm glad the Pres filled out a bracket.For once we have someone "human" in the office. Just like I had no problem w/ Clinton acknowledging a loyal follower who felt that it was her duty to "kneel before the seal!" I think he did what any self-respecting "human being" Pres would do given the same circumstance?

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