Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 2nd, Saturday... I hate Face Book! No, no... The idea is good. The concept is cool. What bothers me about it is all of the fake ass amateur philosophers that are spewing their BS about life everyday! Everybody has a feeling... An emotion... Some state of being that means nothing to anyone but themselves! I read advice about love and relationships from women who are not even in a relationship or just broke up w/ someone! I see ego-driven individuals displaying an inordinate amount of pictures of themselves! People wanting to be friends w/ people they have nothing in common w/. There are people selling something to read that is not worth reading... Showing their (fat) asses that are not worth looking at... Talking about what they like and don't like that has nothing to do w/ what others like and don't like. I mean, who really gives a shit?
Then there is the Face Book people who are controlling the content... I'm trying to expand my brand by making friends w/ whomever I can and I get flagged for sending "SPAM" friendship requests and then I see a chick put a porno video of herself having sex! Not that I minded watching it, but come on...
What is so interesting about Face Book is that it is so fucking addictive! It's like a mind control mechanism! What is so uninteresting about Face Book is that it's the same shit over and over again! (Inside the box thinkers! F%@king boring!)
I'm thinking about coming up w/ the same concept called Ass Book! Maybe all of the elements that has made FB a success will work in my favor? I want to see how many of those who are so quick to "philosophy," will take snapshots of their ass and spread it all over the home page???

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