Monday, April 25, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 25th, Monday... I just read this: Washington, DC is implementing pay-by-phone parking meters this Summer. You pull into a space, call the appropriate number and your credit card is charged!
Ok... Maybe it's just me but I started thinking about the whole gentrification thing and how the city is being retaken by, well... you know. So, considering the ways of the economy right now and seeing how credit is real bad amongst the poor and disenfranchised, does this mean that if you drive, at $4.00 a gal., maybe you can't afford a cell phone, does this mean that you can't drive to DC? Then there is the pressure of taking METRO into the city and the price is going up on that. Is the METRO money to take the place of the gas, parking, and cell phone bill money and are we to believe that it will be cheaper to take METRO, even though crime has risen in the system and we stand to lose more than just our money?
To that notion, I say "goodbye SMITHSONIAN Museums, take care VERIZON CENTER, see you later Washington Monument! I will just drive to the dividing line between the county line and DC, get out of my car, and stick my nose across the line and sniff the DC stench!

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