Wednesday, October 3, 2007

CRAP/My Journal by Al Brathway

October 3rd, Wennesday/ I have a confession to make... I have an addiction. No, it's not drugs or alcohal... It's not women or anything you might think of off the top of your head. I... I have an email addiction! Boom, there it is, I said it. I am addicted to my email! I check it constantly during the day... just minutes in between. I have 5 email addresses! That's right... 5! I check and check and check and check all day long. When I don't get fresh mail, I have anxiety attacks. When I do get fresh mail, I have anxiety attacks!/ I hate spam mail. I liken it to premature ejaculation. (I don't like that!) Sometimes my email is real juicy. Most of the time it is just some boring ass Bcc somebody else passed on. The dating service(s) stuff is real funny to me. Damn, what people expect from a (potential) mate is hilarious! It's like... "no wonder people can't get together!" However, there is one person (a woman) who sends me the juiciest emails...! I only hear from her once a week and I have never met her in person (yet) but I get such a charge out of her emails...MAN! (Hell, meeting her might be anticlimatci!)/ Maybe what I need to do is see a psychotherapist. I would if I could afford the treatment but I'm not working and all I have to look forward to is my emails... CRAP!

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