Friday, October 5, 2007

CRAP/ My Journal by Al Brathway

October 5th, Friday/ I lost my faith today! Things just don't seem to work for me like they do for others, if what the others say is the truth. I have signed on to believe that the process is the same for everybody but I don't get the results others have claimed to have gotten. What? I pay the bills, I'm on time. I follow the proceedure religiously! I've done all the right things when I go thru the process...Yet, I have nothing to show for it. It even worked for my sister and she just committed to it once. But you know what? I'm not gonna waste my time anymore. What's the point in believing if there are no results? Okay, maybe I'm looking for a miracle but isn't that what it's all about? Where is the payoff? I might have to start looking for a woman in church because the Internet thing is bullshit!/ CRAP!

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