Sunday, October 7, 2007

CRAP/ My Journal by Al Brathway

October 7th, Sunday/ Ahhhh... Sunday! Today is the day where my dreams become my realities and my realities become my dreams. Sunday is the one day where my creative juices flow like Niagra Falls (on the canadian side!). I think like I've never thought before on Sunday. My possibilities become my realities. Sunday is the day when I really believe in GOD, not because it is HIS day, but because it is my day. It's the day HE gave me to rest in my brain. I don't worry on Sunday. I can't. My mind won't allow it. Sunday is the day I purge the poison out of my system./ I have a reason to enjoy this particular Sunday. This is the beginning of a week where I will receive something (someone) who has saved my life. No, not my physical life but my mental life. This particular Sunday is the day that my whole life has changed for the rest of my life. It may only last a day but this Sunday is the day I waited for my whole life./ Everybody should have a day like this. It is disappointing to think that many won't. With all the shit that is going on in the world, many won't be able to even grasp the concept of what I'm talking about. Under any other circumstance I would be right along with those people... But I cannot be that way anymore. I don't miss it. I used to be real comfortable in it, but not anymore. I just wish I could convince others to join me but the task is too great to believe in. For years I tried to get out but the crabs kept dragging me back in the barrel. Damn... That mental barrel is a bitch! Maybe I'll be able to lead my example? Maybe not.../ CRAP!

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