Thursday, September 27, 2007

CRAP/My Journal by Al Brathway

September 27th, Thursday/ I was watching ("should not watch") tv today and I saw a program about rock star daughters and how their lives unfolded being the daughter(s)and son(s) of rock royality. The drugs, the groupies, the road trips, the shows, the sex...! Oh the agony! Then there are the problems that existed because of this lifestyle. The neglect, the tears, the conflicts...! They also talked about the REAL problems; the mansions, the parties, the language, the antics... AND THE DAMN MONEY!!! / Having lived most of my life in relative poverty and looking back on it, given the chance, I would have traded my pitiful life for the rock star life in a (hot) damn heartbeat! Poverty sucks! And, it brings on a set of problems that makes the other lifestyle look like paradise! Hell, my father wasn't around and I was poor... That's like double jeopardy. At least the money would have served as a surrogate. I could have, at least, bought a father! Plus, I would have had a segway into show business instead of this "go to an interview and get your ass rejected because you don't fit their criteria bullshit!" Why would I care if I get hired because of nepotism? Nepotism trumps "qualified" anyday from where I'm standing! AND THE PERKS...!/ Crap!

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