Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

January 9th, Saturday/ Okay, maybe someone can explain the Rooney Rule to me... The NFL has a rule that when a team wants to hire a head coach, they have to interview a "qualified" black coach first. Case in point is the "targeting" of coach Pete Carroll for the job with the Seattle Seahawks. He was "targeted" by the team to be their next head coach but they, (Seahawks)first, have to interview a "qualified" black coach, turn him down, then they can hire Carroll.
Maybe it's me but how stupid and discriminating is this rule? A "qualified" black coach cannot get the job! Why? He's "qualified!" Sounds to me like this is just some more plantation BS! No disrespect to Carroll. He may be as qualified as they come but why even have the rule in place if a coach can be "targeted" for employment and the rule has a built in bypass? It must be nice to be able to circumvent the rule(s) and get away with it and it is all legal and by the book huh? The real sad part about this is what if Carroll turns out to be a dud? Do the same rule(s) apply? Of course it does and the same damn idiotic process takes place all over again!

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