Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

January 30th, Saturday/ The dust is starting to settle on the Gilbert Arenas saga. He will be sentenced in March on the gun charges. The NBA Commish has suspended him for the rest of the year... BUT... There is still one thing that needs to be addressed.
It was reported that Gilbert, as a practical joke, pinched a loaf in one of his teammate's sneaker! How in the hell do you do that? I mean, I know how he did it but how could he? You have got to be a grade A asshole to do some (shit) like that! (Yes, the pun is intended!!!)
I would find it hard to respect someone who could do that shit! (Yes, another pun!) Maybe, just maybe I could understand it if he were about to have an accident and grabbed the first thing he saw to catch it. But, then again, he could have used his own sneaker. He (had) a sneaker deal! It was not like he did not have his own.
There are those who are baffled by the fact that this guy brought guns into his work place but, c'mon... This (place whatever word you want to use here) crapped in someone's sneaker! And, did he wipe his ass with his teammate's socks?

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