Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

January 27th, Wednesday/ Alright, enough already! This Gilbert Arenas thing has gone too far! In case you don't know, Gilbert Arenas is the former all star guard for the Washington Wizards that is presently being punished for storing guns in his locker at work and mocking the situation during a game day warm up. Now everyone is wondering what will happen to him. The DC court system has decided to pass judgement on him on March 12th. NBA Commissioner, David Stern, has suspended him to a term yet to be determined. The Wizards seem to be positioning themselves to try to get out of owing Arenas $80 million dollars and voiding his contract... Oh whoa is me... and Gilbert!
Do you want to know what to do? Send Gilbert's ass to the NBDL (National Basketball Developmental League), pay his ass scale, let him ride on the team van to and from games and allow him to feel what it feels like to have to experience that shit! And, instead of having twelve assistant coaches on an NBA bench, trade in one of those spots and hire a damn psychiatrist and schedule appointments for the players! Put the clause in his contract that he has to show up instead of having these useless promotional events so the fans can kiss the ring... Or lack thereof... To hell with all of the role model BS!

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