Monday, April 13, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 13th, Monday/ DAMN! The Obamas are really messing up! A week or two ago, the First Lady put her hands on the Queen of England. OMG! How dare she? The audacity of that woman! Now, in an unrelated trip, the President has bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia. DAMN! What the...
Are these people crazy? Don't they respect the arrogance that goes along with the job? Haven't they read the President and First Lady Handbook(s)? When America is in a crisis, the President's testicles are supposed to swell up like watermelons (pun intended)and he is supposed to spray other world leaders with presidential mumbo-jumbo while he tries to undo what has been done by the other president, who has sprayed other world leaders with his presidential mumbo-jumbo!
The President's bowing has been described as a sign of weakness as opposed to being a gesture of respect, according to what has been reported. So, now what are we to believe? The election of a black man was a mistake because he has defied protocol? Next thing you know, he will be criticized for putting a basketball court in the White House. Hell, he is already receiving fire from the animal rights people because he did not adopt a recycled dog from the pound. Not that that is a bad thing but why can't he have a new dog? It's funny... When did it become a criticism for a president to choose the dog he wanted?
Get in line folks. The president is Black, he is new, and he is not what you are used to. So get used to it already!

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