Friday, May 15, 2009

This is a rap song about safe sex:

Man, man the rubbers she cried,
Just, just in case homeboy lied,
It ain't about having your genitals fried,
Man the rubbers she cried!

1st Verse:
I went to the set, that's what I chose,
They was all there, the players and ho's,
Our eyes locked and then I froze,
What happened next everybody knows...

2nd Verse:
All he wanted was to get next to me,
He was fine, that's all I could see,
The good feelings I felt from the "G"
Resulted in a &*!damn STD!

3rd Verse:
I got syphillis, that's what I got,
All because the bastard was hot,
Now I live with this dreaded disease,
All because I aimed to please,

Yeah, yeah, the man was fine,
Tight abs and a hard behind,
And so, I was so inclined,
Now, now his disease is mine!

4th Verse:
Now I rue, rue the day,
When I consulted, consulted to lay,
And take that dreadful roll in the hay,
So now I am here to say,


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