Friday, May 15, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

May 15th, Friday/ Uh... What size bubble do you wear Mr Phelps? I just saw a news cast about Michael Phelps' life after the Olympics. Here we have the most glorified swimmer in Olympic history being picked apart for his choices on how to live his life. Apparently he likes hookers, bonging cheebah, and knocking down shots... My bad! I thought that was what it was all about when you conquer your world? "To the victor goes the spoils" n'est-ce pas? I guess not in "double standard" land. There is a concensus that wants their heroes lean and clean and Phelps, apparently, has not gotten the memo.So now he is under the scrutiny of the moral police and he just does not seem to be able to navigate those waters.

C'mon baby, get it together... Get with the program! If you wanted the everyday, teenage, stonner, boozer lifestyle, you should have not chosen to be "the man!" (Did you freely make that choice?) If you keep this sort of behavior happening, you may end up having to melt down your gold medals to support your munchies habit. Now suck it up, get it together and get your ass back in the pool!

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