Monday, June 1, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

June 1st. Monday/ Oh man, talk about a dream deferred! The Orlando Magic popped the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finale's bubble and will be facing the Los Angeles Lakers in the brawl for it all! But that is not the biggest bubble bust. The NBA's marketing department has to be kicking themselves in the (marketing) ass because they have been running Muppet commercial promos pushing for a Lebron vs Kobe matchup while licking their chops at the thought of a financial windfall these two titans could bring in! Well NBA potentates, "you can stop that trippin'...Ain't gon' happen!" "Superman" (Dwight Howard) has entered the building!
I dig Lebron. He can get down but Dwight Howard ain't chopped liver! He can get down too! (Ask Lebron!)So... Maybe there should have been a series of promos with each superstar? (I know, nobody asked me!)
But, what's up with the "Global Icon" ducking out the back door and brooding in the back of the team bus? I thought he was the face of the NBA? Instead he was hiding his (NBA) face in his hands. Yeah, I know... Poor Lebron. He lost! Got news for you Homeboy... You're gonna lose some more before you get the spoils you seek. That day after mumbo-jumbo you spewed about how you hate to lose and you cannot congradulate the man who beat your ass is weak. You're supposed to be bigger than that as a "global icon!" Wah, wah, wah...! Your squad is lame right now and cannot get it done. Your coach of the year is only as good as you are, in the moment, and right now you two are out.
So lick your wounds, lament about the fact that you looked like you weren't even in the game, and come up with some excuse... It will be accepted. I know... Become a witness! You'll see. Next season this time, when you don't even get this far, you will look back and see just how big of an asshole you acted like when you lost your chance to get to the NBA finals!

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