Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 5th, Sunday/ What the hell is going on in the NFL? Mike is getting out of jail, Plax is going in...What has the Penal system become, Motel 6?Not only do we have a disgruntled QB demanding to be traded because... Well, he found out that he might be traded! What the...? We have dog killings and self-inflicted gunshot wounds... When was the last time a pro(football) player wanted to stop playing football in mid-season, left the team, went to a club and shot himself in the leg? I guess it was not exciting enough to collect a check big enough to buy a house in one felt swoop every two weeks? Man, what I could do with a 3 or 4 hundred thousand dollar check right about now(?).
Carrying a gun to a club or killing dogs cannot be the mindset of a clear-thinking individual, is it? I mean, I have heard a dog owner say, in a fit of rage to his dog,"I will kill you!" I even heard a friend say, after his kid spilled juice on his white carpet, "...If I had a gun, I'd... (thinking)... I'd... shoot myself!" (No specific place was mentioned and no child was harmed.) (This just in: Oklahoma's women's basketball team just lost in a semi-final game against Louisville! I want to see the camera pan to her father, in the stands, writing the check made out to the University of Oklahoma for $64,000.00 for repayment of her scholarship!)Hey, I don't make this stuff up!
Is the pressure of bigtime sports too much for fragile thinking athletes to the point where it makes them say and do weird things? There have been days when I thought, "I could just kill myself for doing something that stupid!" But I never pulled the trigger! NEVER!

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