Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 28th, Saturday/ I just read one of the saddest articles ever. The economy has taken hold of some of the rich and infamous, to the point where they are forced to sell worldly possessions they once loved. The latest victim to our crushing money crisis is Mrs. Spelling, widow of the late Aaron Spelling.
Mr. Spelling is the producer of such TV shows that brought us immeasureable amounts of pleasure. Remember Charlie's Angels? And how about Beverly Hills 90210? Remember that one? Of course his name is on other highly rated shows back in the day, and to you Mr. Spelling I say "thanks for the memories!"
Anywho, Mrs. Spelling is selling the Manor, that spralling home her husband had built back in the early nighties. I remember attending a party that was near that property when it was being built... UNBELIEVABLE! Now it is up for sale for a wopping $150 million! I know, that is a lot of cash. However, there is more distressing news...
Mrs. Spelling has placed the burden of choosing a real estate agent, that is apparantly much too stressful a task for her to deal with off her hands and left the difficult task to her, quite capable, strong shouldered, wise decision maker, and all around best friend Wheaton Terrier, Madison! Taadaa!
It's times like this when I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in the room on the night when Mrs. Spelling and Madison had the conversation about her decision to allow it (Madison)to become "power of attorney" over her affairs. Were they watching TV (Aaron Spelling reruns) in the bedroom when she brought it up? Was there alcohal involved? Was there popparrazzi lurking around her bedroom window, taking pictures of that night the decision was made? If there are pictures, where are they? I would like to know if she was drunk and in a compromised position? Did Madison hold her hostage and force her into making that decision? And... Where will they live that will even remotely suit Madison's needs?

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