Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 4th, Wednesday/ A former friend and I had a conversation (argument) about Barry Bonds and Major League Baseball last summer. His position was that professional baseball would suffer if Bonds did not get to keep playing. My position was, and still is, that baseball did not give a rat's behind if Bonds played or not. I also said that he would not get another job in baseball as a player.
Now there is talk of Barry wanting back in because of the delay in his court judgement. So I'm thinking, why not let him back in? What did he do that is so terrible? Should there be concern that he took steroids, and if so, why should we care? So what if his head blows up like a hot air balloon? It's his head! So what if he broke the home run record while on steroids? Put the asterisk by his numbers and get on with it! Nobody's kid wants to be like Barry Bonds! Kids do what they want because they do what they want under whatever jurisdiction, or lack thereof, they are under.
When you are teaching your kids about what is good or bad for them, you do not need to cite anyone as an example for them to see to prove your point. You don't need to mention Charles Barkley when you talk to your kids about drunk driving. If you are so inclined to use Barry Bonds as the (bad) example for steroid use, take them to meet Mr. Bonds so they can actually see the size of his head. That might be a more effective way to prove your point. So what if he hit a lot of home runs? Your kid may not ever see a professionally pitched ball, steroids or no steroids! Unless Charles Barkley's arm is dangling from his car while wrapped around a pole, and your kids are on the scene to witness it, using him as an example is a moot point. Oh yes... And please stop badgering Alex Rodriguez for the truth about his steroid use. The point about steroids being bad will be better served when Alex's bones crumble to dust and his flesh serves as a dust bag! (By the way, the last time I checked, pro baseball was doing just fine without Barry Bonds! So there!)

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