Friday, February 27, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

February 27th, Friday/ I was watching ESPN this morning and there was coverage on the Lakers/Phoenix game in the NBA played last night. At the beginning of the piece, they showed a press conference featuring The Big "Whatever" and the "Black Mamba." When asked if these two wished that someday they could be teammates again, they both replied "NO."
You see, a "long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" these two players were teammates for the LA Lakers and won championships together. They were touted as the super heroes of the NBA. They were better than Batman and Robin, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and even Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor! But, alas, the relationship did not last and the two broke up in a messy divorce.
Well, for whatever reason, there always seems to be some member of the press who feels compelled to bring up the subject of these two getting back together when they are cornered in a press conference.
Look, even Robin wanted to be separated from Batman! (Oh yeah, it's true! I saw it in the movies. It was the flick when Robin's family was killed and Robin joined Batman to get his life together but became jealous of Batman when he discovered who Batman really was! I saw it! I did!)
C'mon fellas, let this go. Shaq and Kobe have moved on. Why can't you? Please stop blasting them with the subject of them wanting to get back together. That's your fantasy. In real life they do not want to share the light with each other. (I am wondering how they are going to share the All Star MVP trophy in these bad economic times? I mean, they both held up only ONE trophy for the photographers after the game and David Stern did just borrow several million dollars for the league the other day!) What you probably should ask them is what is what schedule did they work out for when the MVP trophy will be displayed in their respective homes?

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