Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

February 17th, Tuesday/ Oh that wacky world of the NBA! What a weekend! All of the fanfare and the activity this past weekend has my brain spinning... What? The Allstar Game? What about it? wait a minute... You think I'm talking about the allstar game? Noooooooo... I'm referring to the four month hiring and firing of Terry Porter! What the hell was that? How do you fix what is not broken, get rid of "The Matrix," bring in Shaq, bog the offense down, run a coach out of town (D'Antoni), bring in a new coach (Porter), expect massive improvement with all of the changes, not get it; then, fire (Porter), hire from within the system, shop (arguably) your best player and expect all to be well? Hire a blog writer named Steve Kerr , that's how!
Okay, I get it! He played in the league with MJ, who is teaching classes at the MJ School of NBA Business on how to be a NBA general manager. My question is, who is overseeing Kerr? MJ?
So, the other question I have is, when is Kerr going to be held accountable for his actions? If Porter is to take the hit for being the wrong man for the job, how is Kerr the right man for his job?
My hat is off to the NBA marketing machine. They do a great job of promoting the NBA. I wish I could make a suggestion to them for a promo: I would like to see them do that Where (Whatever) Happens promo. I would suggest that they do "Where Kerr Happens" and have his profile picture with his old uniform number underneath like they do on those police blotters! That would be (NBA) fan-tas-tic!

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