Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

February 19th, Thursday/ Alex "Roid" Rigues. This guy is funny. Aside from what he has said that is a lie or not a lie or whatever, there is one thing he said that has flown over the heads of everybody listening. If there are parents that want to make a statement to their kids about how to live life in this society, here is the statement they should be making: In light of all the technology and general access to information, there is no longer a reason to think that it is acceptable to be young and stupid! Rodrigues said that he was "young and stupid" several times in his defense for what he did. I don't know... Maybe I'm stupid but I'm thinking that if I signed a "lottery money" contract with a pro team, I would think that I would be able to afford whatever technology that would keep me in the know. Alex said that he did not know what he was taking at one point, then said he knew and named what he did take.Sure I think he is lying but I have to get back to the lesson that should be taught here. You cannot be young AND stupid anymore. Is is now, officially, an oxymoron! You can either be young or stupid but you cannot be both! There are too many ways to educate yourself these days that negate the possibility to be young and stupid!
That being said, Rodrigues has planted something in my brain that I cannot get out. I would love to receive millions of dollars by any means necessary but I am now fearful of the results after receiving said money. My fear is that I will become "stupid!" Here is what I think. I think that Rodrigues was a fairly bright guy before he signed for the big money. Then, after he got it, he lost his moral mind and became stupid. I mean, look at all of what has happened to him since becoming a mega millionaire. He is exposed as a steroid user. He lost his beautiful wife and family. He does not seem to be a very endearing guy to his teammates and... and, he is linked to Madonna! Damn! Of all the women in the world to be linked to, he is linked to Madonna! All I have to say is if I were linked to any woman, I would at least want to be linked to a woman that I would want to ride in the same helicopter with when on a date. That's another reason why it is not attractive to be young and stupid. Young and stupid turns into old and stupid at some point if preventive measures are not taken.
So, get educated young people. Remember "...a mind is a terrible thing to waste" and "youth is wasted on the young" and stupid!

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