Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 25th, Wednesday/ It finally happened! I was waiting for it to happened and it finally did. Eight years and I have not heard a peep but now the silence is broken. I was watching 60 Minutes Sunday night and I heard Obama get reprimanded for giggling. I'm on line today and I read that the president of the United States is being questioned about his lack of a timely response relating to the AIG bonuses. I do not recall any challenges to "W" when it was revealed that his side kick was riding the Halliburton horse all the way to the bank. Where were the questions then? I guess it is a little difficult to hear the criticisms when your head is buried underneath a desk in avoidance of another 9/11 occurrence.
Seems to me like the President is under siege for something he is just gaining knowledge of and he hasn't even been in office six months! Okay, there was Ebron and a couple more companies that made a splash and then... Nothing! The bad guys were caught, so it was reported and no more questions were asked. I do not recall the President, at the time, being held accountable for what he knew and when he should have responded to what he knew.
It's funny. I also do not recall "W" being interviewed about where his bedroom was located in the White House and whether he and his wife had breakfast in bed. I also do not profess to remembering seeing every interview every president had in my lifetime. However, it just seems odd to me that this particular president is fielding questions scrutinizing him before he has had a chance to absorb the magnitude of what he is facing.
Is it fair? Probably not. Life is not fair. But can fair play at least be considered?

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