Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

Sunday, September 21... I was watching the program, Sunday Morning, and I saw a piece on Julie Louise Dryfess-Hall and her show. I was intrigued by her success and her attitude towards it. She seemed to have this smug laugh when she talked about herself and I wondered... Is she being humble or is she full of bodily waste?/ You know what? If I were successful, I would be hard pressed to be humble because it seems like to be able to really embrace success and be noticed, in America, you have to come from nothing. And, when you come from nothing, how can you not be smug about it when you are perceived to be successful? And, how can you become successful when you come from nothing and be noticed so that you can be smug about it? There are millions of people who have a talent and are not noticed; therefore, not being allowed to become successful which restricts them from becoming smug about their situation. I think that I would love the opportunity to be able to be smug about something! It would be so cool to be subtle about telling the masses to kiss my ass! I'm not saying the JLD-H is saying that. It just seems that way when she gives an interview. Wait a minute... Now that I think of it, I was smug once in college. I did a mock interview with some friends of mine while portraying a ficticious character and I was smug as shit! I felt powerful and important! Unfortunately for me, the feeling wore off the next day when I realized that I was playing around and it wasn't real. In retrospect, I guess it was better to have been smug just once than never to have been smug at all!

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