Monday, September 16, 2013

Awww Shit!

September 16th, Monday... Say what you want Redskins fans but RGIII is STILL injured! Considering how quarterbacks are treated in DC, the CIA is managing all information and correspondence concerning Robert Griffin III's condition.
The Redskins are not running the same offense they ran last season because RGIII cannot run it. Basically, he cannot run. He's gimpy. He tentative... He's unsure.
Here is where being a media whore means nothing... It does not matter what he (RGIII) says in front of a microphone, he cannot back up what he says right now. That's why he should shut up and rehab! Get football ready! Forget your brand. Forget your commercials. Forget drawing attention to yourself... (How did the "Operation Patience" t-shirt thing work out for you?) Okay, so you did not have a preseason. Ask Mike Shanahan why that did not happen? He probably (still) does not trust you after the stunt you pulled last season. (Shanahan is still trying to get that "Metrobus" off of his ass!)
So, the 'Skins are now 0-2 with two more games to go before their bye. If they go 0-2 or 1-1, rush hour in DC will never be the same. It's not to say that the team cannot turn this thing around. But "things gotta change!" They need an attitude adjustment. They are not as good as they were last year. A lot of things change for teams from season to season, even when you have the exact same players! C'mon 'Skins... Your division sucks! There is hope. The hope is that the team steps up and stop believing the hype!

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