Friday, September 6, 2013


September 6th, Friday... Damn! It has been way too long since I last posted! Truth of the matter is, I have been psychologically incapacitated. I've been wrestling w/ such subject matter as to whether or not I am a worthy Christian... A "Down" Brotha? (That is not to be confused w/ being a "down low brother!") Should I go back to school to get a doctorate (Hell NO!) or just educate myself like I've been incarcerated? My writing has suffered because my brain feels like a hard scrambled egg!

Well, I am over it all now! I could not even figure out if I am a "writer?" I write all the time! I am even published as it were. I am a writer! So, it's time to write! I have a project to do. It's BIG! I have some small ones to do as well. I will be posting more. (I probably should be arrested for negligence!) What I will not do is participate in the bullshit that the world has been providing me lately. Now I know what it feels like to be a "junkie!" I was drugged! I was residing in crack houses for gifted scribes! My creative juices dried up... My throat has been parched. I had things to say but could not say them. I could not even move... I just sat there in that one spot, urinating on myself. My words dripped from the crotch of my pants. I was crippled!
Then, I got saved! My faith never left me... I was depressed, but I broke free of that bondage. I am back to where I never left.

I am writing something that will be psychologically damaging to the human mind. It is a story about modern day slavery, woven in the fabric of relative change. The backdrop is the seedy side of a pro sport where a degenerate dwells. He preys on the mentally weak and displays his wealth arrogantly. Stay tuned...

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