Monday, September 9, 2013

When the Shit Hits the Fan

September 9th, Monday... Well it's pro football time! Not a good time for me. Pro football time means that the summer is over. Damn the official date, the Fall is coming! That means I will soon have to rake leaves, break out my warm gear, and be deprived of looking at heavily cladded women.

I live in Redskin country so that means the ban wagon Redskins will be out in full force! That, in itself is not a bad thing but with the addition of RGIII (Robert Griffin the 3rd) back in the lineup, the sports news reporting will be off the chain! I'm sick of it!

RGIII is a pain in the ass to me! Every time I turn around, he is holding a press conference. Why? Is it necessary to reveal every single step he had to take to get back on the field? Was it necessary to talk about "Operation Patience?" Is he that engaging that I have to hear about everything he has and is doing? He's a football player, that's it!

You may think I don't like him... To be honest, he is not the problem. The media, in DC, reminds me of suburban housewives meeting for breakfast at a girlfriend's house, drinking Starbucks coffee while sitting in a breakfast nook! "Blah, blah, blah..." Let the warriors play their game! Stop making RGIII a "media whore!" It seems like quarterbacks in other cities are football players. A quarterback in DC is a fluff piece talking head!

Tonight is the night! After eight months of RGIII being hurt, he gets to show out against the Philly Eagles! You need to bring it tonight, all the shit you talked! And don't get hurt! If his knee gives out tonight, all hell is going to break loose! (Keep your head on a swivel Mike Shanahan!)

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