Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shit Happens

September 6th, Thursday... I have been trying to keep up with the conventions and hone in on what has been said and I started thinking, maybe the whole damn thing should be revamped? Why not elect a president for eight years instead of four years? Cost would definitely be cut down significantly from campaigning. Cost would also be cut from putting on the dog and pony show the conventions seem to display. The elected president would have a significant amount of time to clean up the mess created by the previous president and a decent amount of time to do his/her thing! It would also place a higher value on the vote itself. What's the downside? Well, if the wrong cat is picked, your ass will suffer for eight years!
We, as Americans, should be used to long term suffering. Between Reagan, Bush, and Bush, Americans have endured more BS than a field of bulls can produce after taking massive amounts of a laxative!
The other piece is, stop fucking the president's name! I mean, what the fuck is a "MITT? What's his history? Was he a leather baseball glove when he was born?

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Anonymous said...

6 years maybe. Not 8. Like you said, we'd be stuck in some serious bullshit if the wrong cat is picked!
And that's a great vision- and you're surely correct, an entire field of bulls on laxatives could hardly produce the load of BS that gets put upon us by politicians!