Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shit Happens

September 2nd, Sunday... Question: If I have faith and wait for GOD to move in HIS time, and I die of "natural causes,"  in the process, did GOD kill me? I want to ask my Pastor that question but he is too busy insulting me when we talk. What is it about men who have (perceived) power and their egos? I have observed that my pastor is passive-aggressive so he slips these little "zingers" in when we talk. Today he insinuated that I was "gay" because I carried a (his term) "man bag" to church with me today. What I have is not a "man bag!" What I carry is the size of a briefcase! I understand that a "man bag" is considerably smaller in size compared to my bag.
Of course I took what he said as a joke but I wonder if I said to him what he said to me, he would take as a joke? Would he be offended? Should I care? Should I respect him as a pastor or disrespect him as a man? Should I change churches?
Wait a minute, I know what I will do... I will peruse the Bible and find the scripture that will allow me to insult him biblically in context! I'll look in Proverbs and Revelations.  Maybe I can find out whether he is using "real" wine for Holy Communion as opposed to drinking the fruit punch the congregation drinks. (We took the body and blood today. He might have been drunk!)

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