Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

August 24th, Sunday.../ I just flew back from NYC today and, man, are my arms tired! (Rim shot right here!)I'm sick of basketball camp so, consequently, I'm sick of basketball, period! I don't care about the "Redeem Team..." (Sure I'm glad that they won the gold! Hell,they should have!) I don't care that Spain gave them a hell of a game! (Hell, Spain should have given them a hell of a game!) All I can think about is how the game gave me tendinitis in my knees! (Hell, it should have! I had sex with basketball and it gave me a basketball desease!) I've been thumping around the game since I was seven years old. (I'm now 107 years old... in basketball years!) I don't care if I don't know who the top 100 high school players are. I don't care who the pundits think will make the Final Four. So what if Dwayne Wade is back from all of his injuries! I have tendinitis and no health plan! So what if some think that I can motivate a 15 year old to play hard... It never translated into a great college job for me. I've won nothing. I am not in the Hall of Fame! (Shit, I've never even been in the building to see the space where my bust might have gone!) I know, I know... I sound bitter. Shit, I AM bitter! All that work I've done over the years and no payoff? I could have coached DUKE to a championship! ("...I know Mike Krzyzewski...Hell, I'm no Mike Krzyzewski!) So what now? Do I watch basketball on TV during the season or do I watch The Apprentice? Should I go to live games or do I stay home and watch The Apprentice on TV? Should I stay in touch with the coaches I've met over the years or do I watch The Apprentice on TV? Should I continue to work with kids and help them with their game, or, should I just point my fingers at them and say, "You're fired?" I don't know... I'm so confused! Hell, don't worry about me... I'll put my degree to use. I know... I'll become a black Donald Trump. I majored in English Literature so I'll sell words to the illiterate... I'll corner the market and become "king of the world!"

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