Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

Wednesday, July 23rd... I was writing to a friend and I was telling her that I'm thinking about going into advertising. My plan is to use the advertising game to get into the movie business. I'm gonna move to Cali and get a job wearing a sandwich board for a fast food restaurant like El Pollo Loco while looking for acting jobs by signing up as an "extra." I could play roles like being an old vagabond. As I work my way up the food chain, I would get to meet some shady producer, whose office is on Hollywood Blvd somewhere. Yeah... I can see it now! It would be a rags to riches story that would add to the already interesting chapters that is my life! Then, I would pitch my blockbuster idea! Picture this...(Put your hands up and make a frame with your thumbs and pointer fingers!)A Rupal type character, on crack, in a movie titled Transvestites: Fact or Fiction... (It could be a documentary!) A griping tale of a schitzo tranny finding both his/her inner chi at the exact same time and the conflicts it causes him/her. (By conflict I mean something like going into a men's room, dressed beautifully in a white dress, at a public place and using the urinal while suddenly being attacked by Mother Nature w/out having a tampon to fit into a huge phallic penis!) The camera would capture every moment in his/her life... Where he/ she eats, sleeps, hangs out. His/her friends... The parties, the pitfalls... His/her sex life! Imagine how awkward his/her sex life would be? I would interview and find out what his/her family thought about his/her sex life? I would interview former Johns... I would interview his high school sweetheart and find out what she thought of his lifestyle and if there were any signs of his/her inner conflicts back in the day. Things like if they fought over makeup or clothing! Imagine seeing this in an IMAX theatre! His/her living condition when the bottom falls out. Imagine the squaler...the violence... What do you think? A little too John Waters?

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