Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Exotic... Uhh, Erotic World of Buck Bedford

Buck Bedford's Bio/ Buck Bedford (aka Buck Bedford) was born in Brooklyn, New York to one proud parent, his mother. From an early age, Buck was a dreamer. In his mind, he saw himself doing things, different things, exciting things! However, he grew up unsure of himself. When asked, he always had a hard time explaining himself to people. He had a condition, that was later diagnosed as SEX DYSLEXIA. Often misunderstood, Buck learned to accept his condition and get on with his life, no matter what anybody thought of him. As a result, Buck has developed a strong confidence. He rarely speaks but the voice in his head is loud and resounding... It is almost like you can hear what he is thinking!

We at MTURDS have struck a deal with Buck to post his journal, which will be entered twice a week. Hopefully you, the reader, will find it interesting and insightful and learn how to deal with whatever disability you may have. ENJOY!

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