Saturday, April 14, 2007

Things That Make You Say "What the...?" by Scoop Johnson, LDL News

I was just reading an Internet news report that Mike Tyson is going to Bollywood to shoot a promotional video for a movie. Three forths of the article explained why this was happening. It was light hearted and positive. Then, BAM, at the very end of the article the writer gave a brief synopsis of Tyson's criminal life! I mean, why even bother to report something about good about anybody if there is something bad to follow? How come it is never the other way around? "This Just In: Scoop Johnson, the deranged father of two was found at the scene of the murder of his estranged wife. Her blood was spilled all over her bedroom walls and her head was found underneath her bed."
"Just last month, Scoop raised 2 million dollars for the Austistic Children's Society and he organized the Middle School's bake sale for the athletic fund for Special Olympics."

(Disclaimer: This mock article in no way reflects any real life situations that may or may not have occurred. The character, "Scoop Johnson" is fictional. Anyone really named "Scoop Johnson" need not be alarmed.)

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