Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ED's Opinion/LDL

ED’s Opinion
(Before you read this, firmly plant your tongue in your cheek!)

Oh Imus…Imus…Imus… Wow! I have to say when I first heard about what you said, I said, “Oh no he didn’t!” I was listening to a sports talk radio show and they announced that you said what was said. But I didn’t believe it until I saw it, printed, in the Washington Post (Sat., April 7, 2007). I read the article and it dawned on me that there is no problem with you saying what you said. For the record, you apologized. End of story, right? WRONG!

There is a new story here that needs to be addressed. That story is that you will not lose your job! Why? Why won’t Imus lose his job boys and girls? (Please raise your hands kiddies, we live in a civilized society!) That’s it! Imus won’t lose his job because we live in a civilized society and as long as a racial slur is committed and apologized for, it’s all good! And, why is it all good? It’s all good because civilized HUMAN beings are smart enough to know that if there is an apology that makes it all good! The question is how civilized are we as a society?

You have to know that in a civilized society you should expect to be criticized, humiliated, insulted, verbally abused, disrespected, and demoralized. It’s a part of what makes America great. Did you know that right now a war is being fought for this very right? (There are other issues too but we are on this particular one!)You have the right to be disrespect anybody you want because people are losing their lives for this right.

It was mentioned in the article that Imus brings in the ratings. If you work a job that brings in high ratings, like in TV or radio, you can say whatever you want because it’s about ratings! It is not about, or never was about, HUMAN decency. Who cares about a Black women’s basketball team that made it all the way to the final game of the season? That’s no big deal… Hell, they lost! They deserve to be insulted! Never mind that they beat some good teams along the way (i.e. LSU and DUKE!) Why should they be exalted above their station? They lost to Tennessee! UT has not won it in (what) nine years since their last national title. It's not about Rutgers, right?
Look, they did not deserve what they got from you Imus. But you and your bunch found it to be quite amusing because that's just what you do! Keep up the good work Imus. With a bit of luck, you won't be a problem much longer!(Readers, you can take your tongue out of your cheek now!)

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