Monday, March 8, 2010

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 8th, Monday/ Oh the Oscars! I dig the Academy Awards! The SAG and People's Choice Awards, and any other awards shows, weeds out all the bullshit films. That's not to say that those films, be they bullshit, are not worthy. They are just not worthy of an Academy Award!
Take Avatar for instance... C'mon, blue people speaking a trumped up language, riding dragons and living in Disney land... Is that really worthy of an Oscar? Real life is Oscar worthy! Movie metaphors... As the say in the Black Baptist church, "Well...!" As tricky as it was to make Titanic, at least that was about real life. That actually happened! Avatar may be happening too... In Cameron's imagination! Oh yeah, he can make a film but he is no Tim Burton! Even when he talks, he sounds like a caricature of a cartoon. When Tim Burton talks, you KNOW he is a real cartoon!
No, I did not see Avatar. Don't want to see it. The promos turned me off. Cameron is already rich. He doesn't need my $15.00. There are enough suckers in the whole world he managed to reach. And, he actually sealed his fate at the Golden Globes when he said, arrogantly, that he thought his ex would win! He was either very giddy or very drunk if he even thought she would win a GG! But,even in NA'VI's universe there is a balance. His ex won Best Pic and Best Director from the Academy (Note: Her movie was about a real life situation... Not blue people rubbing against dragons!)And then there was Mo'Nique. She deserved her award but was she acting or mimicking her past life? She said she was molested in her youth. Is she still being (mentally) molested and had that to draw on? (I know that I always feel molested by her comedy!) Whatever... She did a great job and she should have won./ Everybody else? So what? Only, how come the Academy treats Meryl Streep like Susan Lucci? Didn't they see "She Devil?"

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