Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

January 31st, Saturday/ Happy New Year everybody! (I'm saying this like I have a whole bunch of readers!) Anyway, another year has gone by and I am truly blessed to have been allowed passage. My whole opinion has flipped since Obama slid in as President> What the France? What is going on? How did that happen? Is change really coming or am I just caught up in a weird dream that I cannot wake up from?
Don't get me wrong. I'm feeling the change but I am not feeling like because Obama is Black, Black folks in America have some sort of an advantage. I mean, I'm thinking that if I went to the White House, they would still frisk me down and ask me what the f#&k do I want with him? There are still some people who are angry that Obama got in. Here's some advice: Get over it because he can do no worse than Bush! We're lucky he even wants the job! And, squash all the talk about being qualified for the job and being ready for what is ahead. It may take 2 presidents to straighten this sh!t out! If the condition of the country was such a priority, the Texas cowboy should not have been allowed 2 terms! But hey... Let's be real. This is America! There is still racial prejudice and racial profiling and biased opinions and bigotry and deception and whatever else that is vital to keeping our great country divided. Black President, White President... What's the difference? Save some of that negative energy when a Hispanic gets in, then a White woman will get in then maybe a white gay woman will get in or maybe even a Black gay man... What do I care? I'll be dead by then.

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