Monday, May 7, 2007

ENTERTAINMENT DEPT: Movie Pitches That Did Not Make It.

Movie Pitches That Did Not Make It
By Al Brathway
Entertainment Writer, MT

New York--- With the wave of movies that have recently come out one would think that there are not enough ideas to go around. But I have discovered, by going deep, deep, deep, deep, deep undercover that there have been some ideas that did not make the cut! Why did these pitches not make it? Read them and you be the judge:

“The Baller”
Story of a young boy who thought he would be good at basketball because his doctor said he was in the 90th percentile in growth in his age group.

“Blind Man’s Bluff”
Story of a blind man who was always bluffing people on the street.

“The Prostrate”
Tale of a prostrate that took on a life of its own.

“The Conflict”
Gripping story of a woman’s breasts and how they could not get along.

“Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”
Story about Gerald Love’s move from his girlfriend’s apartment because he would not pay any rent.

“I Loved That Bitch”
Gripping tale of a boy who loved his dog as if it were a woman.

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