Friday, February 8, 2013

Some Sad Shit!

February 8th, Friday... I'm watching a program called NFL Characters Unite on USA about kids being encouraged by star athletes to express themselves, as it relates to them being bullied or harrassed for some particular reason. I'm watching and I'm feeling different emotions like anger and sorrow and fear... I'm a grown (ass) man and I'm tearing up while listening to the stories these kids are telling.
I guess I suffered somewhat when I was a kid. I had nothing, materially. But, I did have a strong mother who held it down while nurturing me with confidence and strength. I grew up with such intestional fortitude, it did not seem fair. I'm not saying that I did not have my moments when I crawled into a corner and assumed the fetal position, but even with that I gained strength!
I am meeting kids who lack confidence and courage and the will to go on. I see dispair and a hopelessness that overpowers them and it disturbs me. I see greed in agencies designed to help children. Grant money being allocated towards home improvement opposed to character improvement. Personal motorpools being enhanced instead of swimming pools being constructed for hot summer days.
I cannot get it in my head to ignore the ignorance of the gate keepers who hoard and manipulate the system, for whatever reason. I am amazed at the arrogance and gall of those who are in charge but cannot lead the charge for what is right.
I guess that is why I feel great joy to work with an organization called Higher Hopes, Inc. It was started by a brother named (Dr.) Bruce Purnell who had an epithany early on and committed himself to working with youth to help better their psychological and social condition.
It is my hope that those who read my blog will connect with Higher Hopes, Inc. and the Overground Freeway on Facebook. Click the "Like" icon and follow us! C'mon... You can do it!

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